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We are an award winning media production company turned digital marketing brand that helps businesses grow profitably and predictably allowing them to continue to scale successfully. Founded in 2013, BridgeGap Media was birthed from a desire to see businesses make an impact in society and were awarded with the National Business Leaders Award in the process

Our Approach to Digital Marketing is to Implement Proven Methods Backed up by Customer Data

Gone are the days of businesses relying on refferals and simply hoping that clients find them somehow and somewhere in the midst of competition. Today’s businesses need to attract their ideal clients by understanding their target customer. What are their interests? How old are they? What are their hobbies?  All of these insights allow businesses to strategically position themselves as the “go to” supplier for a desired product or service.


We offer services that help businesses tailor themselves to their target audience. In additon we take the benefits of high quality video content creation and merge this with distribution in the most effective way which in result helps businesses maximize their return on investment and ultimately continue to grow.


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Timi David

Timi David

Founder & Managing Director

Oma Famojuro

Oma Famojuro

Head of Operations

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